BMW Factory Wheels

Most factory BMW wheels are designed to look sporty but are cast which makes them significantly heavy. Heavy wheels are considered unsprung weight that will dramatically reduce acceleration and not maximize the performance of your BMW. As such, there are a variety of aftermarket BMW wheels available to upgrade the look and performance. bmw style wheels

BMW Cast Wheels

Velocity Motoring and Avant Garde are the two most popular manufacturers to replace the factory bmw wheels. These are designed to blend in with the original bmw wheel design while setting the car apart. BMW introduced the CSL style wheel on the BMW M3 CSL and has since inspired this look across the aftermarket industry. Cast versions of the CSL wheel are available as an affordable upgrade that blends in with the OE sporty design. These are available in wider widths and with more aggressive tire sizes to improve handling and performance. Likewise, they are typically the original BMW factory wheel weight to ensure there are no reductions in performance.

BMW Forged Wheels

If you are looking for ultimate customization, custom forged wheels are the way to go. There are three construction methods for forged wheels- 3 Piece Forged, 2 Piece Forged and Monoblock. 3 Piece forged wheels consist of a barrel, center and lip that can each be customized in finish, size and application to ensure the wheel is a direct fit. These provide a unique look over the factory BMW wheel design and will give your 3 series a one off look.

2 Piece forged wheels feature a 2 piece design that can also be customized per application. For the lightest and strongest design, monoblocks are the way to go. They are also custom made to order but cut from a single piece of aerospace quality aluminum. HRE, DPE and ADV1 all offer monoblock options that are produced per vehicle specification. One can ask for Big Brake Kit Clearance and maximum concavity to fit even the most demanding and high performing models.