Grocery Store Etiquette: It’s More Than A Choice Of “Paper or Plastic”

Don’t spend more than you have to at the grocery store! You should make them work hard for every dollar that you give them. Listed below are nine ways to help you do this.

Tip 1: Don’t always buy the largest container: Sometimes this can actually cost you more. Go down to your local grocery store and compare the prices on the large and smaller containers. You may be surprised at what you find. russian store

Tip 2: Write a shopping list and stick to it: The potential savings of writing a shopping list are up to $50 a month. Seriously…have a look at your last grocery list and see how many items you didn’t plan to buy or that you didn’t need. Remember to keep some flexibility in the list

Tip 3: Weigh the pre-packaged fruit and vegetables: While it seems convenient, you could be paying more than you think. It is definitely worth weighing them, then comparing to the loose fruit and vegetables. Go for the cheapest.

Tip 4: Check the quality of pre-packaged fruit and vegetables: While it may seem cheaper at the time, if you have to throw over half of the fruit or vegetables away you have just spent double the money.

Tip 5: Use coupons at your local grocery store: Coupons can save you around 10 percent on your grocery bill. Just make sure the coupons are for products you actually need.

Tip 6: Find a cheaper grocery store: Break your cycle of shopping at the same store and look around to see if there are any other grocery stores that are cheaper. ALDI has a reputation for being one of the best. No we’re not sponsored by them.

Tip 7: Go easy on shampoo and conditioner: There is not that much difference between the brands. Buy a cheaper one that works for you. Remember you don’t have to use a large amount of shampoo or conditioner either; a small amount the size of a gumball should be fine.

Tip 8: Consider discounted meats: If you are planning to use a crock pot or a slow cooker then the cheaper meats and those about to expire will be fine.

Tip 9: Look at the lower and upper levels of the supermarket shelves: The products with the most profit or return are placed at eye level (where most people look). Look at stock on the bottom and at the top of the shelf and see if there are any cheaper products.

So follow the above tips and turn the tables on the grocery store. We particularly like tip eight as you save money and don’t have to compromise on taste.