Planning Your Children’s Room

Parents love their kids right? Well, in term of interior decoration and design, a children ‘s rooms have got to be the most challenging task. Ask any parents and they will tell you that the room needs to be planned to be flexible in nature.

Children’ s room got to be planned carefully. Your child will be growing up! And hence, the design and decoration has to change every now and then. Typically, a children room starts off as a nursery for the baby. This is where you change your baby clothes, bathe the baby, feed him/her and store their clothes. How you control the flow of the air and how much light will affect the development of your child as well.

As the child grows up, the children’ s room need to prepare for multiple functions. It will have to double up as a playroom as well as a bedroom. When your child starts to go to school, you will have to provide study area within the room. Barntavlor

How do you design and decorate a children room so that it can adapt to the changing requirement of your child?

These rules can help you when you plan your children’s room:

– Any surfaces within the room should be tough and easy to clean so that they can withstand rouge treatment.

– Do not clutter the room with too many items. Start off with a few basic necessary items and add on as your child grows

– Provide children size furniture! A lot of mistakes made by parents is that they provide regular sized furniture for their kids.

– When choosing furniture, remember that safety is very important. Be careful about sharp edges and if possible, do not use glass!

– Choose a bright colour scheme. Your child will most likely like a bright, cheerful and stimulating room

– Your child will grow up watching cartoons and fairy tales books. You can stimulate his/her imagination by using wallpaper that feature his/her favourite cartoon characters