Quit Smoking – Vaping, The New Insane Habit!

If you are a smoker wanting to give up, or a smoker prevented from smoking the biggest hurdle to overcome is your nicotine craving. vape juice

So what are the best ways to cope? Let’s find out:


Nicotine Replacement Therapy NRT is used to overcome nicotine cravings and in studies it has been shown that it doubles the chances of smokers quitting over smoking cold turkey.

NRT Includes the following methods and one you use is very much a matter of personal choice. The most popular are patches and gum which deliver nicotine in various strengths to cope with cravings. There are also puffers or inhalers that deliver a measured dose of nicotine and lastly we have the prescription drug Zyban.

The above are all effective in helping reduce the craving for nicotine and really it’s which method appeals to you personally that determines your choice.

Alternative methods

The two most popular methods are acupuncture and hypnosis.

While some people swear by these methods, they are not NRT and over coming your cravings is down to will power at the end of the day.

There are also a number of herbal supplements sold many without any medical substantiation, but again these are not NRT and Nicotine cravings remain.

More Options becoming available

Today as we move to a smokeless society, we are seeing an increasing number of bans on smoking in the workplace, on transport, in bars and restaurants and even in public places. When nicotine bans are around NRT can help reduce nicotine cravings.

A new method of nicotine delivery several people have looked at is organic nicotine in water.

This is aimed at smokers who can’t or don’t wish to smoke and is very convenient.

Simply, take a few sips of water when the craving hits by keeping a bottle close to hand. The fact thats pure nicotine in water and has no added chemicals is giving it a new wider audience due to the medical research into nicotine.

Nicotine is not harmful it’s good for you!

To many this may seem a surprising statement but it’s true. In its organic form the nicotine compound is safe, non toxic and is found in numerous common foods, such as potatoes, tomatoes and even some teas.

It is the fact that nicotine is smoked in cigarettes that gives nicotine its bad reputation.

It is some of the other 4,000 odd chemicals in cigarette smoking that cause disease and kill, not nicotine.

In fact Nicotine is the subject of intense research for its health giving properties which are mainly focused on the way they affect neuro transmitters in the brain.

Nicotine helps improve both mood and attention and meidical research is showing great promise in its ability to help people who have depression, Attention disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

As more and more smokers give up or are prevented from smoking, more will turn to NRT to cope with nicotine cravings.

However on going medical research into nicotine’s health giving properties, means that more people outside the smoking community could well be taking nicotine as a supplement for its health giving properties.