Things to Remember While Writing Your Essay for College Admission

The SAT essay posed a serious problem for Jasmine O’Dell.

Since before high-school, Jasmine dreamed of attending an Ivy League college and knew that achieving this dream depended largely on her performance on the SAT test. Like many people, the element of the SAT that freaked her out the most was the essay. However, Jasmine wasn’t like most people. Write my Essay

Jasmine understood that she wouldn’t get a chance to peak at the essay prompt until she opened her SAT booklet on test day so she wouldn’t be able to study for it the way she studied for her high school classes. With this understanding, Jasmine created a strategy to help her think through everything she’d need to do during the essay beforehand. With her plan of attack mapped out in advance she knew she’d have a better chance of succeeding. Essay typer

She was aware that from the moment the essay prompt was first put into her hands, she would have only 25 minutes to write the essay. She decided to determine how much time she would spend in each stage of the writing process. After answering several sample essay questions she found online, she discovered by timing herself that she should spend 4 minutes brainstorming 18 minutes writing, and 3 minutes carefully proofreading her completed SAT essay.

From her experience answering the sample SAT questions she’d found online, she figured out how to structure her essay beforehand. After reading the essay prompt and choosing the side she knew most about, she would write a captivating introduction, a body of three main paragraphs with real examples to back up her points, then a strong conclusion that would back up and summarize her main points.

Jane also realized the importance of remaining in the correct mindset when writing her first draft. Since she knew that the SAT essay would need to be completed within 25 minutes, she figured she didn’t have time to regress, change major thoughts, wordings, or ideas. After brainstorming, she would take what she had mapped out in her mind and put it on paper, making sure that her paragraphs flowed smoothly from one to the next. Who Invented homework

Having outlined her strategy beforehand, Jasmine O’Dell was able to smoothly delve into her SAT essay and efficiently transition from one step of her plan to the next. She pre-managed and divided up her 25 minutes, pre-determined her essay’s structure, and made sure her writing was guided by her outline. In fact, Jasmine got the SAT essay done with time to spare!